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Why Choose Our Services?

We know how important delivering tailored care that puts people’s needs first is to you as a provider. We are dedicated to providing you with wrap-around support and the right fit of clinicians delivering the most person-centred care.

A Unique Transitional Support

Using a unique model, we provide wrap-around support for people experiencing a crisis in the community at risk of hospital admission. We also provide support for people who are ready to leave the hospital.

A Consistent Core Team of
Expert Clinicians

Matching our clinicians to specific care requirements ensures the right fit. They are highly trained to deliver expert care, including mental health and learning disability support.

A Personal, Dedicated Approach to All People We Support

We ensure regular supervision with people supporting individuals with complex needs, to ensure the entire team feels valued and supported.

Highly Skilled Clinicians

To ensure a smooth transition from the hospital to the community, Nurseline Healthcare provides experienced and highly trained clinicians.  

When providing transitional support, we focus on creating solutions centred around the individual. This way, we help people develop key skills, leading to an enhanced quality of life within the community. Entrusted with competency, agility and flexibility in their work, our clinicians’ high-level system of expertise can meet the fast-paced demands of the care sector. 

Our support teams consist of: 

Health Care

ImpactRegistered Mental
Health Nurses

They are matched to specific people with complex needs based on their skills and experience, ensuring compatibility with the individuals they serve.  

Our 24-hour support

Training Programme

At Nurseline Healthcare, we prioritise the expertise of our clinicians, ensuring unparalleled care.

Trained in PROACT-SCIPr-UK® and Positive Behaviour Support (PBS), our clinicians are dedicated in offering high-quality care for the people you support.

We achieve this through our Training Booking App to support them in unleashing their full potential, upgrading their skills, and experiencing professional growth. 

A Comprehensive Internal Training Team 

To ensure you get the best staffing solutions for complex care needs when it comes to transitions and crisis situations, we offer various training services in-house to clinicians.

This enables us to provide specific training for certain care needs upon request. Our clinicians humanised, and person-centred approach positively impacts individuals with complex care needs.

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