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Seun Sunday


Seun Sunday


I have been able to make a positive impact in the lives of others by teaching/introducing skills, activities, and professional bonds that help people to be better individuals than we met them.

I examined various elements when looking for work in the healthcare sector. As a family person, I appreciate balancing work and family life; I also value respect for what I do and enjoy roles that allow me to grow or learn more on the job, among other things. Nurseline had an overall rating of 95% for work-life balance, compensation and benefits, job stability and advancement, management, and culture. Nurseline is regarded as one of the most desirable places to work in the UK, particularly for Bristol and the Southwest of England residents.

Seun as a part of the team

Working in the care sector can be rewarding with long-term possibilities if you work with an employee satisfaction- focused agency/organization such as Nurseline. Care/support workers have unique skills that allow them to provide consistent, individualized care and support to residents in a care environment. Working for Nurseline has allowed me to grow professionally through their numerous free training and retraining opportunities.

Nurseline stands out in all aspects, including professional care coordinators, top-level management, and other stakeholders. Their friendly and professional approach consistently places Nurseline at the forefront for those considering roles in the healthcare sector, whether as a healthcare/support worker or a Registered Nurse. Working as a care or support worker can be rewarding, but it is also physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding as you provide care for vulnerable, elderly, or hospitalised people. Carers face several challenges at work that can make the job stressful and most carers find this exhausting and challenging to manage. This may be less of a concern if you work for an employee-focused company that prioritizes employee happiness over the company’s personal benefit, like Nurseline.

Nurseline is a supportive, passionate, friendly, and accommodating employer, assisting employees in managing work-life balance. I find this fascinating, especially with the numerous clinician care packages, such as receiving gifts for major events like naming ceremonies or purchasing a new home, and the availability of almost interest- free loans accessible to everyone. This is one of the reasons I chose to stay in the healthcare industry, despite the drawbacks that come with the job, just like any other profession.

Surprisingly, working in the healthcare sector has helped to shape my true self for positive change. This job requires empathy for others and the people we support, with whom we sometimes bond as if they were family. Working in this capacity has allowed me to contribute my fair share of effort to assisting other vulnerable people in living their best lives. I can confidently state that through my utmost professional practice with the people we support for about two (2) years now, I have been able to make a positive impact in the lives of others by
teaching/introducing skills, activities, and professional bonds that help people to be a better individual than we met them.

To summarise, I chose to work in the healthcare sector, specifically with Nurseline, because I am passionate about making a difference and positive change in people’s lives. I enjoy the conducive work atmosphere conditions that Nurseline provides. My decision to work in the healthcare sector was never a mistake. I will be eternally grateful for the golden opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people all over England.

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