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Avoid hospital admissions with personalised transitional support and staffing solutions that empower the people you support to have a better quality of life.

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We understand the immense responsibility care providers face when ensuring smooth hospital transitions and consistency of care for individuals with complex care needs. In today’s health and social care sector, finding reliable staffing solutions is crucial in providing quality care. Nurseline Healthcare stands as a trusted partner in this mission. 

We believe that with unwavering commitment, extensive experience, and person-centred care, every person should be able to live more independently within their community. 

Shaping the Future of Health and Social Care

Read our latest White Paper Publication 2023 built on the responses from 200+ support workers, commissioners, and families, showcasing the current state and challenges in the UK health and social care community.

Download now and join us in shaping a future where everyone feels heard, understood, and supported.

Our Expert Solutions Ensure Consistent and Quality Care

From staff shortages to complex care transitions – we’re here to meet your needs and provide trained clinicians with all mandatory and specialist training in PBS and PROACT-SCIPr.
Our clinicians make sure you can maintain continuity of care and high-quality care for the people you support. 


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Since 2016, we’ve supported 175 individuals, prevented 82 hospital admissions, and worked alongside 140 providers. With our rapid response and 220 trained clinicians, we guarantee tailored support. 

Implementing Tailored Practices

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We work closely with you to implement continuous, round-the-clock support and care strategies for long-term positive outcomes.

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Our team is available 24/7 ensuring rapid response with a turnaround of up to 2 hours.

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We review existing care plans to understand the individual’s needs then create a team of clinicians and collaborate with experts to create a tailored plan.

Support & Enhance

Our commitment doesn’t end here. We ensure ongoing support. refining strategies for positive outcomes.

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Witness the difference bespoke support makes. 

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Insights Into Our Care

Take a glimpse into our staffing solutions and transitional support insights to gain a deeper understanding and learn more about the dedication of our clinicians to provide the best care. 

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