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Jenny McGuire

Care coordinator

Jenny McGuire

Care coordinator

I really enjoy building strong relationships with our valuable clinicians, being there for them at any time really makes a positive impact on them…


I have been with Nurseline for just over 1 year now, this is my first job within this sector, and I am really enjoying my personal development here. Learning so much and seeing the impact we have on individual’s lives is amazing. I really enjoy building strong relationships with our valuable clinicians, being there for them at any time really makes a positive impact on them and then supports them in delivery excellent care. I decided to make a career move last year from hospitality management as I was searching for a career that would bring me fulfilment and the knowledge that I was helping someone in some way.

Jenny as a part from the team

I’ve always had a passion for mental health and saw starting my healthcare journey in Nurseline. What makes me happy at the end of the day is knowing I am a part in setting up vital and crisis care for someone and the working relationships I have with our clinicians.

I consider my greatest strengths are my empathy and communication. Both I feel are integral to this
role, being able to put yourself in other people’s shoes and empathise with the daily struggles these clinicians go through is so important to allowing them to feel heard. I feel like I am approachable and always willing to help and listen.

My everyday motivation is to create a happy and fulfilling life for myself, and with that, help as many people as I can along the way. I feel that everyone deserves to be supported in their time of need, having great care offered to you is vital in crisis and everyday and I want to be a part of that opportunity for people. The best piece of advice I have received – believe in yourself and take chances, you never know what doors it will open.

Within my care co-ordinator role, and with my person strengths, I mainly impact our clinician’s lives in ensuring they are supported and listened to. I believe with a job so mentally and physically demanding in which our clinicians are carrying out each day, sometimes you just want someone to rant and vent to and this is easily done with empathy and understanding from my side. I believe having a warm and personal approach in talking through issues with clinicians allows me to build upon a strong and genuine relationship where the clinicians feel they can depend on me no matter the situation.

To the families that are looking for support for their loved ones… TSP/Nurseline is dedicated to creating a bespoke transitional support package of care for the individual that meets everything they need in terms of: qualifications, reliability, compassion and personality. We as a team , both internally and our clinicians have a passion for delivering nothing but excellent care.

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Everything we do, we always have your best interests at heart. We will make sure everything is person centred, you have a voice, and we will listen.

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