The impact of love and kindness

July 2, 2018

At a local event, Care and Support West Conference in Bristol, attended by senior managers and leaders from within the social care sector, Trevor Mapondera, CEO, Nurseline Healthcare, took to the floor to share a few pearls of wisdom.

Trevor wanted to share a simple philosophy, that showing love and kindness affects the user and the experiencer and leaves a lasting impression on both sides.

As Trevor commented: “If as leaders within the social care industry we show love and kindness to the people who work with us and for us, this will in turn impact these individuals who themselves will demonstrate respect, integrity and kindness to the people they work with, and the service users they care for and support.”

Increases overall well-being

Three research studies on the subject have been carried out by Oxford University with great success. For a week, participants from 39 countries demonstrated acts of kindness not only to family and friends and to themselves, but also to strangers. The results were analysed and clearly demonstrated that these acts of kindness had a positive impact on the giver’s perception of life, their overall happiness, and the social connections they had developed and cemented through their positive behaviours and attitudes.

Trevor continued: “Kindness is fundamental to personal and societal growth.  It motivates. It improves productivity. It boosts creativity. Performing acts of kindness not only feels good, but it also increases overall well-being.”

But don’t just take our word for it. Why not give it a go and see if it makes a difference to you and those around you!

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