Nurseline starts collaboration with international charity Deki

July 15, 2016

Nurseline has teamed up with international charity Deki, to create opportunity for hardworking individuals in the developing world. During the 3 year partnership Nurseline has committed itself to raising enough money to change the lives of at least 300 families.

The Bristol-based charity use their unique crowdfunding website to raise capital for microloans for entrepreneurs in developing nations. Through their website,, as an individual you can loan from as little as £10 to an entrepreneur of your choice in Ghana, Malawi, Uganda, South Sudan or South Africa. 100% of the money goes directly to the entrepreneur. These loans, which generally range from £30 to £200, are then invested into the entrepreneur’s business, turning it into a profitable enterprise which they can support their family with. Within 6 – 12 months these microloans are paid back, meaning that one £10 donation can be recycled multiple times to change the lives of multiple entrepreneurs and their family.

It is due to Deki’s unique model that Nurseline believe we can make a real difference to hundreds of entrepreneurs and their families. As 100% of the money loaned goes direct to the entrepreneur, Deki rely on business partnerships to cover their running costs. Nurseline aim to raise £10,000 in donations through a variety of fundraising activities for Deki in the first year of partnership. In direct terms, this translates to increasing Deki’s capacity to reach 100 more entrepreneurs. However, each Deki loan affects the lives of five additional people around the entrepreneur; Nurseline will therefore help change the lives of 600 people in the first year.

Trevor Mapondera, Operations Director of Nurseline said, “As a business man myself, I know how hard setting up a business can be. Anybody can support an entrepreneur through Deki, and it is because I have had to overcome hardship in starting my own business that I support Deki. At Nurseline, community drives every decision we make, and we recognise that community extends across the entire world.”

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