Mental Health Nursing

We have a highly trained and local temporary workforce of mental health nurses and exceptional support workers. As a specialist mental healthcare nursing provider, we believe the ongoing potential of working together is not only underpinned by our common specialism, but also by shared values. Delivering high-quality care, through promotion of collaboration, aspiration, empathy and respect for the individual and inclusivity, we strive to go above and beyond any other nursing agency.

“Nurses and support workers who understand the intricacies of caring for service users living with a mental illness”

Your service users need clinicians who are highly trained. Your permanent staff need help from agency staff who can step in and hit the ground running. Perhaps most importantly, you need the assurance that you are hiring nurses who understand the intricacies of caring for service users with a mental illness.

We support your services while reducing your risk and exposure, by providing staff who are experienced exclusively in mental health care.

Your bottom line shouldn’t suffer because of poorly trained staff. Your reputation shouldn’t have a black mark from avoidable adverse incidents. And your quality of care shouldn’t be impeded by inexperience. The Nurseline Charter delivers qualified, specialized, high trained mental health staff to your door. When you bring the Nurseline Charter to your mental health care facility, you bring confidence, reliability, effectiveness, efficiency and excellence to the ground floor

We are the mental health agency of choice in the South of England

We understand your staffing needs and your service users. We fill vacancies for you quickly and appropriately in all of the mental health care specialties. No one else puts their reputation on the line for quality and high standards of care. We are the preferred mental health staffing resource in the South of England.


We emphasize safe, high-quality care and an organizational commitment to professional development and training, our mental health nurses have the proficiency and professionalism to support your excellent service.

Read more about our clinician training.

The Nurseline Charter Guarantee

Our people are trained, knowledgeable and experienced in the delicate care of those with a mental illness. The Nurseline Charter means that you receive a money back, service satisfaction guarantee with every hire and that our 500 clinicians will meet your standards and fulfill your needs.

Our Service Guarantee: We will not charge for a less-than-satisfactory shift.

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