Learning Disability Service

Nurseline Healthcare have a number of expertly trained nurses and health care assistants who are able to provide exceptional care for service users with learning disabilities. All our nursing agency staff undergo rigorous training to teach them how to provide the best possible care to adults and children of all ages in various complex situations.

As well as the right skills, qualifications and training; our staff have a positive mental attitude that is unwavering, even when faced with the most challenging or stressful situations. They have empathy for and treat every service user in their care with the utmost respect at all times, and are dedicated to providing support that will improve their service users’ quality of life.

Nurseline’s specialist staff offer clinician and client led care. As such, our nurses and health care assistants directly work with and support vulnerable adults and children of all ages in a variety of ways. They make day to day living easier for patients by helping them to navigate any issues or problems. They develop service users’ interpersonal skills by encouraging social interaction, which increases their confidence levels. Furthermore, our nurses provide emotional support for their service users whenever they require it.

Having strong communication skills is never more important than when working closely with vulnerable people and their families. Nurseline’s staff make sure service users receive continuous care by discussing their requirements with family members, helping them to understand what to do to ensure their relative’s needs are met at all times.

Nurses and health care support workers will also liaise with GPs on a regular basis to make sure their patients receive sufficient healthcare. As people with learning disabilities often do not seek out healthcare, this is a vital part of the process.

Our dedicated LD team is led by a qualified learning disability nurse. Whether you require short or long term staff at your care home, community hospital or independent provider of inpatient mental health care, we can supply nurses and health care assistants in and around the areas of Bristol, Exeter, Reading, Stevenage and Oxford. Get in touch now to discuss our excellent rates.

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