Help for health and social care workers

May 14, 2020

Frontline workers across the UK have been under tremendous pressure since the outbreak of Covid-19. 

Many have been living in uncertainty and fear for several weeks, stemming from new and ever-changing policies, concerns about catching and spreading the virus to family members, and the trauma of caring for very sick patients.

As experts in Mental Health, we know that if left untreated this level of stress can have long term negative effects on our mental, physical and emotional being.

As such, we’ve scoured the internet to compile a list of resources aimed at helping health and social care workers to cope during this pandemic.

For members of The Nurseline Family, you’ll also have access to our Family Hub and private Facebook group, where you can chat with others and find resources that are aimed at dealing with the challenges brought on by Covid-19.

Resources for coping with covid-19:

1. NHS in Mind:

2. Mindfulness videos for nurses:

3. Guided breathing:

4. Daily meditation:

5. Breathworks offers a virtual quiet space and several exercises to help you feel calm:

6. Free wellbeing support from SHOUT through text messages:

7. Find help in your local area with Mind:

8. Coping with physical illness

We hope these tools and resources will help you to safely manage your mental wellbeing. If you need professional support, please visit for further information on getting the help you need.

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