Last Minute Nursing

In response to insights from our clients, we have introduced a last minute cover service that offers competitive rates, in an attempt to help stabilise the market prices of rapid response services that are putting pressure on hospitals across the UK.

No matter how dependable your nurses and support workers are, we know there will be times when you experience unexpected staffing shortages. We also know that you will want to remedy the problem by bringing in the highest quality replacements, which is why Nurseline’s last minute cover service can be of invaluable assistance.

We link our reputation with your own, so you can be assured that our standards are the same whether we are providing long term placements or short notice emergency cover.

What emergency mental health cover do we provide?

Nurseline prides itself in being able to provide last minute nursing and support work whenever you need it: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Staffing shortages don’t just happen during normal office hours, so we have a dedicated out of hours service.

Our out of hours team is both supportive and professional, which means you can expect your request to be dealt with quickly and efficiently. We understand your need is urgent, so we will work with you to resolve your staffing issue as fast as possible.

Why might you need last minute cover?

  • A nurse or support worker has called in sick, or taken an unexpected leave of absence an hour before the shift start time or during the shift.
  • You might have already arranged cover, but the agency you booked the member of staff through has let you down last minute.
  • You need assistance in staffing emergency crisis situations with increased levels of complexity and observation.
  • You’ve exhausted the staffing resources of all the agencies on your PSL meaning the only alternative is for the on call manager having to provide the cover themselves.

Why choose our last minute cover?

  • Nurseline is committed to providing the highest standards of service, and our last minute cover is designed to help hospitals at very short notice, 24/7.
  • Nurseline can provide registered mental health nurses and experienced support workers on demand. We will only send you qualified staff who will be able to slot right into a busy ward.
  • Nurseline is more competitive than other agencies who provide last minute cover.
  • Nurseline is able to offer a premium service, at reasonable rates, thanks to our dedicated pool of clinicians. A rotating rota puts them on standby alert, which means we are able to consistently meet the needs of our clients.

Our last minute cover service is second to none, so next time you face a staffing shortage remember we’re here to help 24/7, 365 days a year.

Last minute cover charge rates

When new or existing clients call for last minute cover (a shift under an hour before start time or once the shift has already started), they are offered an opportunity to guarantee shift cover at competitive last minute rates through our emergency standby clinicians. The enhanced charge rate is confirmed before the booking is placed, which allows us to incentivise the nurse or support worker to provide the short notice cover for the hospital.

NB: Line manager authorisation is required before our booking team can accept a last minute booking.

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