Clinician Supervision Day

December 3, 2019

Clinician Supervision Day
Friday 6th December
Bristol Head Office
With Jenny Williams

Clinical supervision is an opportunity for a 1:1 discussion about your personal and professional responses to situations encountered at work. It is conducted in a safe and confidential environment with the following objectives.

  • Review, maintain and develop standards of care in relation to safety, ethics and quality practice.
  • Identify development opportunities and accessing extra training.
  • Developing professional knowledge and skills by reflecting on what has gone well and what can be done differently in the future.
  • Supporting clinicians to focus on self-awareness and self-development.

HCA’s and RMN’s who have had clinical supervision have fed back that their 1:1’s have helped them to feel supported and given them a better understanding of their responses to extreme challenges in their clinical areas. They have returned to work feeling refreshed and ready to embrace future challenges, knowing that we are here to support them at any time. Book your place now!

Please email to book your 1 hour time slot.

*By appointment only*

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