Children In Need 2019

November 29, 2019

Nurseline and Leaf Complex Care took part in raising money for Children In Need 2019.

We all took part and wore onesies and pyjamas. We managed to raise a massive £204 in the head office and this was double by the company to make this an overall £408! This is absolutely amazing and thank you to everyone who donated for a great charity!

The South East Team also joined the fun for this year’s ‘Children In Need’ by popping on their yellow jumpers and Pudsey ears for the worthiest of causes.

It marked a change for us as we now have our own office which makes it possible for us to take part in events such as this and of course to welcome our clinicians for catch ups, coffee and sometimes even cake!

“Family” as we all know is the number one Nurseline value so growing the team and having the space and time to be able to meet and greet our clinicians have been two really important milestones for us in the region. Thank you so much to one and all who have made it possible by recommending any nurses and support workers to join us, by picking up the phone to update us of any new news, ward openings and support needs at service level, by taking regular shifts, by letting us know your availability and of course by doing the tremendous job that you all do with consummate professionalism on a daily basis.

We warmly invite you to consider that our door is always open. In fact you will see here that the second picture taken for ‘Children In Need’ was with our very lovely Wanja Boore who popped by and brightened our day!

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