Bornel Care

Shift hours covered
Shifts covered

 *(Data taken from Sept 15 – Sept 16)

Lynne, Director of Bornel Care had this to say: 

As an organisation, we have been working in partnership with Nurseline Healthcare since May 2014. They are far more than ‘just another agency’, the main difference with Nurseline that set them aside from the other people in the marketplace is that they truly care; not only about people like us, their customers, but more importantly about the people who work for them.

All of their staff are of the highest calibre, they are well inducted and trained, and their professionalism shows through whenever they are on shift here at West Banbury. They present themselves in a professional manner and often represent our values and company policies and procedures better than my own staff. Nurseline as an organisation understand the true meaning of ‘working in partnership’: if we’re happy, they’re happy. They spend more time recruiting and matching people to use our service, to ensure that we have the right people to work consistently with our client base.

They take the time to talk to us and assist us massively by providing solutions to staff we may have at all levels, they also visit and maintain high levels of contact to ensure we are satisfied at every stage. I can ring them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days year and there’s always a cheerful voice telling me that it won’t be a problem…just what I want to hear when I have an issue at this end.

I cannot fault them and can honestly say that without them our business wouldn’t be where it is today, they have been an integral part of our success, they have helped to shape who we are today and will most definitely move forward with us and be a part of our future.

I am happy to recommend Nurseline Healthcare to everyone that I come across – working with Nurseline is the best decision they will ever make.